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Pro Wrassling

Great podcast and great hosts.


If you are looking for a podcast that dives deep into wrestling and gets some awesome superstars to open up about their wrestling experiences, you gotta give this show a listen. Always learning something new!

One of the best!

You won’t find a podcast with as many great guests as this one! Great podcast

Awesome podcast

Great podcast to listen too with awesome pro wrestling interviews.

World Elite Podcast

This is such a great podcast for die hard wrestling fans. GREAT SHOW

Best Podcast Tag Team In The World

I’ve been a huge wrestling fan all my life. I really enjoy listening to Battle & Eli each week as they hold nothing back and give their honest opinion on what’s going on. They have some amazing guests and come up with great questions! Keep it up guys!!

Great Stuff

When it comes to wrestling I really enjoy listening to these guys. They hold nothing back and they have really awesome guests.

Wrestling content for wrestling fans

I have been a wrestling fan since the early 80s. I remember when it was hard as hell to get the inside story or even to get to know the wrestlers (the people portraying them..not the character). Today, we have an information overload (kayfabe does). But with all the choices out there, I choose only three podcasts to listen to. Battleground Podcast is one of those three. It is entertaining and informative, and doesn’t stray from its premise of bringing the best in wrestling news & interviews. I encourage you to check this podcast out and see if you agree!

Highly entertaining

Just discovered the episode with James Storm, and I’m subscribing because I know this is the real deal!


amazing content and chemistry between the hosts! sick interviews too. definitely one of my favorite podcasts

5 Stars

Anything WPC is on is 5 stars!

Best Wresting Poscast

Love looking forward to every Friday when a new episode is released. Battle & Eli are a blast to listen too and I love all the guests!

The NEW Megapowers!!!

Oh yeeeaaaaa maniacs! This tag team combo is pile driving the wrestling podcast world! Make sure you subscribe and listen! Cause whatcha gonna do when BATTLEGROUND comes for you!!!!!

Battleground podcast rocks!

I don’t listen to many podcasts but I enjoy listening to Battle and Eli because they sound like they could be my next door neighbors! I like them because they don’t put on airs, they are just cool regular guys, that happens to be wrestling fans who makes every guest feel like a superstar!

Fantastic podcast!!!

Wow what can I say, theses guys are amazing. Great insight into pro wrestling!! Oh!!! And the guest amazing guest on a regular!! Don’t miss out.

Battleground Podcast Rules!!

I love listening to this podcast. So interesting to hear perspectives on wrestling locally! Love the special guests and hope for the best going forward. My new Friday ritual!! Woooooooo!!


The undisputed heavyweight champs of wrestling podcasts.

Amazing Show

Battle and Eli are a great tag team! Hearing their point of view on wresting is 🙌🏼 and like they say you never know who is going to stop by and that’s the best part!!

Not your average podcast!

Not your average podcast! Love that it’s not just about one topic! I’m be of my favorites!

Great content

Can’t get enough of the topics and the guests! Genuine conversations, and nothing seems forced. Easy, good listening.

Best Podcast

Always a great show with a wide verity of guests and topics!